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Malcolm Turnbull has admitted under his proposed funding model, which represents $2.2bn over the next four years, that funding will be cut from 24 private schools in a 10-year plan. In the transition for all schools to a common schooling resourcing standard (SRS), as recommended in the 2011 Gonski report, Birmingham has also conceded that a small number of schools on the eastern seaboard would lose funding. But Danielle Cronin from the National Catholic Education Commission has said the majority of the 24 schools targeted by the minister for a cut in funding appear to be Catholic schools. She has accused the government of unfairly targeting the Catholic school system. Birmingham said all schools were being treated under a consistent funding model, with no sector being unfairly treated. Non-government schools, whatever their faith and background, will be treated exactly the same way, Birmingham told ABC radio on Wednesday. Catholic schools will receive over the next four years estimated growth in funding of $1.2bn, or around 3.7% per student. That contrasts with government schools that will receive funding growth of about $2.2bn, or 5.2% per student, and independent schools receiving funding growth of $1.4bn, or about 4.2% per student. Because of all the inconsistencies in current funding deals, everyones starting at a different point. Over 10 years we want to transition them to the same end point of consistency but there is absolutely real growth, real funding for Catholic education and for small parish schools in this model. Ross Fox, the Catholic education director for the archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn, told ABC TV on Wednesday that Birminghams explanation of the model masked the reality of the impact of the cuts.

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